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What Can I Learn Online?

Join us for a live event where we’ll provide an overview of all the skills you can learn at the Verve Network. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran. Technology is fun and can make you more productive at home and at work, and we’ll make it easy for you to learn. • FREE • Sign up here!

How Can I Participate?

We recommend you start with this session! When you register for our classes you will have access to one of our classes. All our classes are live and are held in an online classroom. In our case, we use an application called Adobe Connect to conduct our classes. We run all our classes on the internet so you can participate from home or at work using your desktop computer, laptop, phone or iPad. After you register, we will send more instructions about how to connect to our classroom and a call in phone number to use so you will be able listen and ask questions during the class. That’s right you will be using a phone when you are getting started. It is a toll free number so you won’t be charged to use it. Once you get comfortable participating in our classes we will teach you how to use a headset as well. Here is a link to a recording that will show you our virtual classroom and how we will be teaching you to use your iPad. • FREE • Sign up here!

Do I Need an iPad?

An introduction to the iPad. What it is, why you might or might not need it, and what the different configurations mean.After this session, you'll be confident in the decision to buy (or not buy) an iPad tablet, and know which one will suit your needs. • Mobile Devices • Sign up here!

Getting Started with Your iPad

Hurrah you bought an iPad! Pull up a chair and Let’s get started. In this session we will be covering the first stage setup for your iPad using iTunes and how to sync your computer and mobile devices. You will learn how set up your iPad and/or your lap top, desk top computer, iPhone to work any where any time you need access to your data and stored information. • Mobile Devices • Sign up here!

Configuring your iPad

In this session we will cover how to set up basic functions on your iPad. We will demonstrate how to set up a wifi connection and Bluetooth connection (for 3G enabled iPads); Setting up a passcode, date and time functions, FaceTime connections, volume controls, camera and video functions • Sign up here!

You’ve got Mail!

In this session we will be covering how to set up your email account(s) using Apple’s Mail program on your iPad. You will learn how to navigate the Mail program; to activate your keyboard; use basic typing skills; and write, edit and send emails. • Mobile Devices • Sign up here!

Find Anything With Google

The answer is there... You just have to know 'how' to look! In this session, we'll reveal 8 secrets to using Google to solve all kinds of everyday situations, like how to braid your child's hair, to complex instructions on how to market your business. Google culture proves that we really are all the same inside, and your situation has probably already been faced and solved by someone else in the world already. In this hour we'll cover, how to construct a Google Query.. One that will get you the most accurate responses on the first page and the first try. Stay with us beyond the first-half hour for some advanced tips. • Productivity • Sign up here!